Evolution of MCity

What does the word "home" mean to you? Is the first thing that comes to mind your physical house? Perhaps, it's the city you were born or currently reside? If based solely on the phrase "Home is Where the Heart is"; then clearly home is with you always.

This simple one-syllable word encompasses a broad spectrum of the physical, emotional, material, relationship and spiritual.

Home Sweet Home

Home for MCity Mortgage was located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, Florida. For over a decade, this not-so-traditional mortgage company's primary mission was assisting families with one of the most significant financial investments most would ever experience.

Through those years, we incorporated an extremely personable approach. We believed obtaining the perfect home to create endless memories shouldn't be like getting blinded folded, kidnapped & interrogated. It should be like getting helpful advice from a trusted friend. 

During the financial turmoil of what was a weakened economy and a down housing market, teamwork and communication were profoundly crucial. All parties involved worked in unison as if one significant symbiosis with an intelligence. Our primary objective to retrieve keys to a house our clients would soon call, home.

With fewer and fewer banks aiding those seeking refuge through government programs, MCity became an outlet for many whom otherwise would have been denied and turned away.

Over time, our inter-connective web of relationships grew even more expansive, giving birth to the motto, "Making the Connection to Make the Difference." 

Sailing the Rough Seas

Through the years, my team and I have had the great privilege to listen as many shared their exclusive stories in a valiant attempt to retrieve home financing.

Fueling my passion with a personal understanding of what it is like to be defined by mere statistics, we continued our marching forward connecting others in similar situations with a familiar emotion, hope. 

There is no hiding the fact that through the past housing crisis we all encountered our own set of obstacles, but it is through these challenges; which cause us to adapt, learn, and grow ourselves on a much deeper level.

The countless experiences while sailing on the U.S.S. Homeownership became the catalyst for the creation of a non-profit, "The Sumaritan Project" and marketing company, "MCity Marketeers." Although different, they both served similar intentions; which was to assist others in retaining their home or home business.

Man-Made Storms

Brainstorming daily meetups fueled into brain-hurricane sessions. Both ideas and plans covered every inch of the whiteboards; as if an entire kindergarten class rained havoc all over them.

Nights were not much different; as they were spent restlessly reviewing my extensively growing list of uncompleted tasks and projects.  

Oh, you got to love society; which would have you believe busy is the norm. 

As individuals, we set out into this world acting like robots. When we witness so many people functioning like machines, we begin to wonder where the human being has gone. This robotic chaotic lifestyle of being utterly busy with our minds running amok is typical in a world of technology upgrading at the speed of thought. 

Without a doubt, there was a battle wagging within; as I unconsciously continued acting out the antagonist role to my own story.

Undeniably, I found myself lost without a compass in a field of mind-maps. Blindly, paving the way for my mind, health and soul to become completely unbalanced.

The Zero Hour

In time, this overwhelming busyness no-lifestyle tore me and all of my relationships to pieces; leading to my demise. It was this breaking point of no return that sent me on a trajectory toward the most extremely darkest and loneliest path, I have ever embarked upon. It was in these crippling episodes that my perception and way of life, dramatically changed forever. 

Whether you call it "zero hour", "death-rebirth", or "dark night of the soul." It is simply that moment when everything that came before is completely different from everything that arrives after.

Perhaps, you may recall a moment; which brought forth colossal change. A time where you may have been willingly or unwillingly forced to make life-altering changes to your own life.

However devastating, it is in those moments that can assist in cultivating a more courageous and humbler version of ourselves. Each silently teaching us more and more about who we genuinely are, as it did for me. 


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Matt Borowski on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 16:58

What a journey! Thanks for sharing

What a journey! Thanks for sharing :)
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